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Season Tickets for Business


BlueClaws season tickets make a great investment, not just for individuals but also for business leaders. Businesses all across the Jersey Shore use BlueClaws Season Tickets as a way to grow their business, and the BlueClaws have put together an all-new BlueClaws Business Program to make BlueClaws Season Tickets even better!



Here are 70 great ways to use your BlueClaws Season Tickets!

Client Entertainment

  • Invite a customer who hasn't done business with you lately
  • Take a loyal customer for his or her birthday
  • Take a potential customer to close the sale at the ballpark
  • Take a long term customer to say "Thanks"
  • Take one of your smaller accounts to develop the amount of business they give you
  • Reward a customer who gave you a referral
  • Thank a customer who praised your company
  • Win back a customer who had a problem or complaint with your company
  • Take someone who does business with your competitor
  • Thank a customer for his or her business
  • Offer to a customer for the holiday
  • Give to a customer who has been sick as a "Get Well Soon" present
  • Give to a customer who makes timely or in full payments

Employee Rewards

  • Improve communications with key co-workers
  • Help part-time workers feel like part of the organization
  • Give to the person that came the earliest
  • Have a drawing at work to give to a lucky employee
  • Reward an employee who comes with a savings suggestion
  • Give to the person who volunteers the most
  • Reward 100% attendance
  • Say "Thanks" to a retiring officer or employee
  • Welcome a new employee to the company
  • Give them to a secretary or assistant
  • Give them to a manager for exceeding department goals
  • Give them to a frontline person who satisfied an angry customer
  • Put a smile on an employee's face who is stressed out
  • Show your appreciation to a company intern
  • Send your co-workers or subordinates to a game together to promote bonding
  • Give to an employee who left latest the night before
  • Give to your payroll department
  • Give to an employee who has worked the most overtime
  • Reward to the department that exceeds its weekly/monthly quota
  • Give to an employee on his or her birthday
  • Give to an employee as a "Get Well Soon" gift
  • Give them to a prospective employee who may be in town
  • Congratulate an employee who exceeds his or her duties
  • Applaud an employee for hitting his or her yearly goal
  • Give to the employee who is always punctual

Sales Incentives

  • Give them to an employee who schedules the most appointments in house
  • Give them to an employee who schedules the most appointments out of the office
  • Run a sales contest and reward the winner with tickets
  • Pack them into a product to promote sales
  • Give your tickets to the person making the most additional sales
  • Give to the employee who generates the most new business
  • Give to the employee who has made the most sales calls during a particular day
  • Give tickets to an employee who makes the most cold calls in one day
  • Give to an employee who renews the most accounts

Vendor Relations

  • Reward suppliers and vendors who help you meet your deadline
  • Offer tickets for on-time delivery
  • Offer your tickets to your accountant or lawyer who has done a great job
  • Offer your tickets to the service person from your company who has taken care of you
  • Offer your tickets to someone who always gives you great service
  • Give your tickets to the office crew as a thank you
  • Give to potential vendors to enhance your business relationships
  • Give them to your company's security officers
  • Give them to an outside training service


  • Boost your own career potential by networking (it's not what you know but who you know)
  • Offer them to someone who has offered you helpful business advice
  • Enhance relationships with those in a position to recommend you or refer your business
  • Give to someone that you owe a favor
  • Give to members of a club you might join or be in


  • Thank your neighbor who takes care of your pets, gets your mail while you are away
  • Give them to your child's teacher as a thank you
  • Give thanks to your friends and family
  • Give to friends for a "Blind Date"
  • Donate them to your favorite charity
  • Give to your mechanic, doctor, dentist, etc.
  • Take someone you mentor to a ballgame
  • Reward a child for a great report card

For more information on season tickets, click here, call a representative at 732-901-7000 option 3, or fill out the form embedded below.