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In order to help provide a fun, family atmosphere both inside and outside of Coca-Cola Park, the IronPigs have established these guidelines for the parking areas:
  • By law, alcohol consumption in the parking lots is illegal (Ordinance 711.08). No open containers of alcoholic beverages are permitted on public property such as the ballpark's parking areas.
  • Preparing food or beverages of any such kind where such preparation necessitates the use of an object or practice that is considered unsafe, hazardous or unhealthy to guests or participants is prohibited.
  • Tailgating is only permitted in general parking (non-preferred) areas.
  • Barbecues: Only approved gas/propane units with fuel-valve turn-offs are permitted. No charcoal is allowed.
  • Coca-Cola Park parking lots open 2 1/2 hours before game time. Parking lots close 1 hour after the game's conclusion.
  • No vehicle may occupy more than one parking space. Guests may not obstruct other parking spaces, sidewalks or other areas that may impede pedestrian traffic to/from Coca-Cola Park.
  • Overnight parking is prohibited.
  • Any tailgating material and refuse should be strictly disposed of in a safe manner. Guests should be courteous and dispose of their own trash. Please help us keep Coca-Cola Park and the surrounding areas clean by not littering.
  • Guests not following the parking regulations above are subject to removal from the ballpark grounds and parking areas, possible arrest and fines.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to maintain Coca-Cola Park as a family-friendly baseball entertainment venue.

Fans are reminded that there are three entry points for parking and are encouraged to use the Dauphin Street entrance when traveling from downtown Allentown. In addition to the Dauphin Street entrance, entry to Coca-Cola Park can be gained off American Parkway and Union Boulevard. Preferred/Handicapped Parking access is available via American Parkway only.