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Community Care Program

Buffalo Bisons Charitable Foundation
Community Care Program

The Buffalo Bisons and Rich Products Corporation are proud that families are the heart and soul of our businesses. It is families who buy our goods, help make our products and live in the communities in which we do business.

That's why we started the Buffalo Bisons Community Care Program, which provides disadvantaged families the opportunity to enjoy an experience that has typically been denied. It's a part of our commitment to recognize the importance of families not only within our company, but within our community as a whole.

We formed this program to help bring those sometimes overlooked in our community to baseball games. The gift of a baseball game may seem somewhat insignificant in the grand spectrum of things, but is nonetheless a chance to escape the harsh realities of life, if only for a few hours.


Requesting tickets


The Buffalo Bisons Community Care Program supplies tickets to many of our disadvantaged Western New Yorkers, including senior citizens, disabled veterans, mentally and physically challenged children, as well as adults. If you feel like your 501c3 organization/charity would benefit from receiving complimentary Bisons tickets as part of the Community Care Program, you may request tickets here.

Just fill out the form below. If we are able to provide tickets to your organization, or if we have any follow-up questions for your organization, a Bisons representative will be in contact shortly.

*Please note, due to the volume of requests we receive, there is no way to guarantee all ticket requests will be granted. Organizations can only receive a Community Care donation once per season. Tickets for the following Bisons games are unavailable as part of this program: May 31, June 2, July 3, August 18, August 11 and August 27.



I'd like to donate..


We invite you to join by supporting of this program that has helped provide a special moment for so many of our disadvantaged Western New Yorkers. Organizations that wish to donate can choose which charity they would like the program to benefit, or allow us to line up your donation with a worthy cause.

For more information on how you can donate, contact Anthony Sprague at (716) 846-2256 (