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Green Light



Rancho Cucamonga Quakes

The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes have been practicing "Environmental Friendly Efforts" for the past few years and will expand on these greatly during 2009.

The Quakes have been "thinking green" for the past few years. A Recyclable drinking mug is a yearly staple as a fan giveaway. Fans receive this great giveaway and with it comes a refillable drink. Fans are also encouraged to use this throughout the year outside the ballpark. This giveaway is made possible through the efforts of Rancho Cucamonga Environmental Services and the Department of Conservation.

Quakes mug

During the 2008 season, the City of Rancho Cucamonga banned the use of Styrofoam cups at all city-maintained facilities. The Epicenter, where the Quakes play, falls under this category. Also, the city secured a deal with a local waste management company to have recycle bins prominently displayed throughout the stadium.

Quakes mug

The Quakes have also had a long-standing relationship with "WEWAC" or Water Education Water Awareness Committee. WEWAC provides nightly information on ways to conserve water and hosts a "Water Awareness Weekend." The Quakes would also like to thank the Cucamonga Valley Water District for their nightly tips on how to conserve as well.

Additionally, simple things such as hand dryers in the restrooms and the use of electrical "Think Carts" in the parking lot, have contributed to the "Green Philosophy."

In late 2007, a local prominent business developer spearheaded the Green Valley Initiative in San Bernardino County. Rancho Cucamonga is a thriving city in San Bernardino County, and community officials and the Quakes have both laid the groundwork to be champions of this cause. San Bernardino County announced in 2008 that its goal is to be recognized as "Green Valley" within the next 10 years, much like the San Jose, California, area is know as "Silicon Valley."

In 2009, the Quakes are excited to take their "Green Efforts" to the next level. The 2009 season marks the Quakes prominent inclusion in the Green Institute for Village Empowerment, or GIVE, non-profit organization. The Quakes will be promoting environmental friendly messages all year long around the Epicenter, as well as in printed materials. Tuesday at the Epicenter will now be known as "Recycle Tuesdays." Fans will be rewarded with a free club seat for bringing in ten (10) aluminum cans and/or bottles with CRV, courtesy of GIVE.

The Quakes will also celebrate being eco-friendly with a "Green Weekend." On this weekend, the players will be wearing special green uniforms with a special logo. The team will give away reusable shopping bags to fans on Friday, July 10, and will hold a "Green Fireworks" show on Saturday, July


Pros of Going Green:

  • Great for the environment
  • Great for public relations
  • Appeals our product to a new demographic
  • Opportunities for a wide array of new promos
  • Saving money over the long run

Con of Going Green:

  • Initial expenses for implementation

Next Level:

The next step in the Quakes "Going Green" Campaign will be the changing of the "Rally Squad" to the "Going Green Team." The Rally Squad is the promotional team that greets fans at the gates, picks contestants for on-field activities and represents the team at events at the ballpark and in the community. The Going Green Team will basically be responsible for the same activities but also be responsible for publicizing the new message. They will do this by word-of-mouth, as well as advertising it with their new "Green" Uniforms. Also, the Green Team will go through the stands during a designated "Recycle Pick-Ups Inning" to help the cause.

The Quakes also will push for more support from the city and the county for their efforts. In order to publicize and push for support for this cause, the Quakes will make a concerted effort to recycle anything they can, from water bottles and cans to paper products in the office. Most Quakes correspondence to fans now will also be paperless, through the use of email, eblast, internet postings, social networking and text messaging.